Life Insurance

Life Insurance is for those that Survive You

Life Insurance was first conceived over 4,000 years ago by traders in ancient china. Today we have 3 main types of life insurance:  Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life. Each type has many variations, and each have their own purpose. Navigating the types of coverage should be left to an expert, but unfortunately as many as 40% of americans do not have any coverage!

Secure Benefits Alliance works with the top life insurance companies in the USA. We can help you decide which type of coverage is right for you and how to get an affordable plan.

Facts from LIMRA Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2015  (

Americans continue to see the value in owning life insurance. In fact, six in 10 people own life insurance. And for those who don’t have it, many agree they need it

Why People Have It:

As many as 132 million Americans rely on life insurance to protect their financial security. Major reasons given for owning life insurance include covering burial and other final expenses (51 percent), to help replace lost income (34 percent) and to help pay off the mortgage (26 percent).

More Coverage Needed:

However, 30 percent of Americans know they need more life insurance. That boils down to more than 70 million people. Twenty-five percent wish their spouse or partner would purchase some or more life insurance.

 Americans Worry About Their Retirements — and the Economy:

Two-thirds of Americans worry about having enough money for retirement. When asked why, half say they are concerned about the overall economy while forty-four percent said they haven’t saved enough for retirement. These very real concerns can make it difficult to see the important role of life insurance in retirement planning.

How can you get the coverage you need?

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