Dental & Vision Insurance Plans

Dental & Vision Insurance Plans

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) helps pay for medically necessary care. This is defined as a treatment that’s required to diagnose or address an illness or health problem. Dental and vision care are not seen as medically necessary by Medicare, but are still important to millions of Americans. There are ways to get coverage without too much trouble.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans May Offer Discount Programs to Help Members with Dental and Vision Care Costs

Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) helps pay for some expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. These costs may include deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance for doctor visits, hospitalization, or other medical services. These plans are also offered by private insurance companies.

A number of companies provide their Medicare Supplement insurance plan members discounts for dental and vision care. These offerings are not included in the Medicare Supplement insurance plans’ guaranteed benefits. Rather, they are options that may be offered to insured members by the insurance companies as an “perk.”

The Medicare Supplement insurance plans available to you depend on where you live. Plans are standardized by the federal government in terms of coverage, but costs may vary. Also, plans are standardized differently in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

Stand-Alone Individual Dental & Vision Plans

There are many cases where you may be better off by purchasing a separate plan to help with your needs. These plans also vary from state to state, and you may have a dental or vision provider that is “picky” about which insurances they accept. We can help you find a plan that will work even if your provider doesn’t want to bill them directly.

Find Plans in Your Area

We have tools that allow us to search plans in your specific zip code, and then we can provide you with information on which of those plans will offer some of these benefits.

We have thousands of satisfied clients who have gotten excellent dental and vision care through our agency. Please call us for help with this benefit. This is the time of life when it’s more important than ever to take good care of your eyes and teeth!

Dental & Vision Plans

Regular dental and vision exams are important for maintaining overall health. It’s important to research your options and to find a plan that provides the services you want and need. This is what we do every day. We are ready and able to answer your questions and give you the guidance you need.

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